Zafarica is one of Nigeria’s foremost non-profit organizations focused on improving access to health care for all Nigerians.

Our programs takes us around Nigeria and we need your support. We are looking for young, vibrant, result-oriented and ethical individuals who would like to support our work.

We also partner with universities and colleges with internship opportunities in public health, leadership, program planning, and more for their students.

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 3 aimed at promoting good health and wellbeing, the Foundation will support free eye care services as part of its flagship and strategic initiative –“Vision for a Brighter Future”. Resources will be channelled into the provision of comprehensive eye care services; including cataract surgeries, improving and correcting refractive errors in underserved communities in high need states as well as screening, treating eye ailments in public schools and early detection of glaucoma, the silent killer.

The key objectives of the “Vision for a Brighter Future” intervention include:

  • To reduce the prevalence of cataract in targeted states.
  • To reduce the burden of preventable blindness by correcting cases of refractive errors in adults in targeted states.
  • To screen children in public schools for refractive errors in targeted states.
  • To improve the capacity of health workers on primary eye care in targeted states.
  • To increase awareness on preventable blindness in targeted states.


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